The Algarve, Portugal

This was a week-long trip booked independently.

We flew from Gatwick with Easyjet to Faro airport where we picked up a hire car. We had booked a two-bedroomed apartment at Balaia Sol Holiday Club which was about a two hour from Faro airport.

Accommodation in the Algarve

During our stay we visited the following Towns:


The town of Albufeira was a 15 minute journey from our accommodation so we decided to drive there and have a look at the town.

After having lunch in a restaurant in the town we drove to the beach at Praia da Oura. It is a beautiful sandy beach with lots of rocks to explore. However, there is a strong current and large waves crash on the rocks so swimming is only advisable for strong swimmers.

Beach near Albufeira

Cape St Vincent

Cape St Vincent is the south-western tip of Portugal that people used to believe was the end of the World. The drive took around two hours but was well worth the journey. Standing on the edge of the cliff looking straight ahead, to the left and to the right, all you can see is the sea and it is very easy to understand why it was thought to be the end of the World.

Cap St Vincent


Jeep Tour

We were picked up from our apartment complex and after a short road journey we were heading up into the hills. We kept climbing travelling along narrowing tracks. The driver was going quite fast which was a little unnerving but the views were spectacular.

Our driver had a good knowledge of the area and we stopped frequently to look at cork trees, eucalyptus trees, citrus fruits and other interesting crops and landmarks.

Algarve Farmland


The Medieval town of Silves rises up out of the landscape and we parked the car to take some photographs. Even from a distance the cathedral can be plainly seen as the dominating feature of the town.

Silves from afarWe parked the car on a cobbled street and walked a short distance to the cathedral. After spending some time looking at the cathedral we walked to the castle. Some of the castle walls are still intact and the areas inside the walls were well looked after with green grassed areas and typical Mediterranean foliage and flowers.

Silves, Portugal

Silves castle walls

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